Call for Entries
Meridian Museum of Art
44th Annual Bi-State Art Competition
The annual Bi-State is a juried exhibition presented by the Meridian Museum of Art, offering over $3,000 in awards and prizes including the $1,000 Best of Show Award. The purpose of the exhibition is to showcase contemporary artists in Mississippi and Alabama and reward their efforts.

William Kitchens

Loyola University
New Orleans, Louisiana
Professor of Printmaking



B.A., Virginia Commonwealth University; M.F.A., University of Georgia

Short Bio

Bill Kitchens has exhibited his work nationally and internationally in numerous juried and one-person exhibitions since 1980. He is the recipient of the 1991 Loyola University Alumni Association Teaching Award and the 1987 Louisiana Division of the Arts Fellowship. He has participated in many artist/printmaker collaborations and is an active member of The Los Angeles Printmaking Society and The Print Consortium.  He participated in the 14th Annual Bi-State Art Competition in 80s.

EXHIBITION DATES:  August 23 – October 7  
Awards Reception: Saturday, October 7, 2-4 p.m. A special invitation is extended to artists and their friends. Awards will be announced at 3:00 p.m.

Works Accepted:
Alex Townsend Seated Figure
Amanda Koonlaba Small Business America
Amanda Koonlaba American Dream
Amanda Koonlaba Prather's  
Andrea Kostyal At the Corner of…
Andrea Kostyal Szechenyi Square
Anne O'Hara Tapestry  
Anne O'Hara Passing Through
Barbara Parrish From the Levee #3
Barbara Parrish Says Who?  
Barbara- Ann Carver-Hunt Kiote Tales: Traveling With Friends
Barbara- Ann Carver-Hunt Kiote Tales:  Long Awaited Arrival
Bruce O'Hara Gulfcoast Sungate
Carolyn Busenlener In Flux  
Carolyn Busenlener Traveling Through
Carolyn Busenlener Leaving  
Chatham Kemp Nocturne  
Chatham Kemp Limoncello  
Donnia Adams Confinement
Elena Stanley Diversity  
George Ann McCullough Abandoned Adobe
George Ann McCullough Van Rijn's Nest
Jerrod Partridge A Gentleman Lives Here
Jessica Smith Spark  
Jessica Smith Orb  
Jessie Whitehead Untitled  
Jill Hammes The Garden at Midnight
Joe MacGown Board of Alderman
Joe MacGown Pentamerous Archetypes
Julia Gary Chessmen  
Julia Gary Gloved Hand
Julie Plasketes Fishing Hole  
Kevin Vanek Projectio of the Shadow
Laurie Burton Sentry  
Laurie Burton Professor Pipe Dreams
Laurie Burton Slo-cook  
Leslie Burns Nicho Mephisto
Leslie Burns Nicho Misterios Milagrosos
Margaret Gluhman Red Line  
Margaret Gluhman Going Down  
Margaret Gluhman Crossings  
Mark Brown Pine  
Mark Brown Seated Figure 27
Mark Brown Dig  
Mary Price Kerr Persimmons
Mary Price Kerr After the Storm- Alabama Point
Natalie Tyree Just Another Day in Paradise
Norma Bourdeaux #161 Bon Secour II and #162 Bon Secour III
Norma Bourdeaux #172 Colorado #71 N
Pamela Asken Settin' Sun  
Pamela Copeland Not My Happy Hour
Sabyna Sterrett Two Portraits As One
Sadako Lewis Shimei #27 (Journey To The Stars)
Sadako Lewis Shimei #30 (Seattle In April)
Sadako Lewis Shimei #32 (Matte Kudasai)
Selena Nawrocki Machine Age Square
Selena Nawrocki New Metropolis Square
Shu H. Chang Quiet Passing
Susa Nawrocki Landscape 25
Susa Nawrocki Landscape 26
Thomas Nawrocki Zig Zag Zig 25
Thomas Nawrocki Zig Zag Zig 34
Thomas Nawrocki Zig Zag Zig 66
Vanda McCormick Who You Callin' an Ol' Goat
Whitson Ramsey The Pink Man
Whitson Ramsey Portrait of the Artist at the Easle
William Dooley Composition With Blue Columns
William Dooley Rabbet  

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