People’s Choice Art Competition
26th Annual Art Competition

Award Winners:
Honorable Mention Caulene Wilkinson Springtime Flowers and Birds Acrylic
Honorable Mention Tanya Truelove Icy Conditions Photography
Honorable Mention Tanya Truelove Dunn's Falls Photography
Third Place Winki Allen Rising From the Earth Fiber
Third Place Tara Martin Serenity Mixed Media
Third Place Tara Martin Colours of the Ocean Acrylic
Third Place Amanda Murphey Forlorn Reuse Watercolor
Third Place Tanya Truelove Sunrise at the Beach Photography
Third Place Susan Clark The Muse Other
Third Place Wanda Luke Price Red Feather Drawing/Pastel/Printmaking
Third Place Inkstick (Cary Haycox) Kaleidoscope Acrylic
Second Place David Barr Golden Hour Photography
Second Place Linda Baxter Buttons in the Skien of Life Mixed Media
Second Place Hannah Greer Burned Feather Other 
Second Place Juaneth  Skinner Canine Hearts Drawing/Pastel/Printmaking
Second Place Judy Rayner Sunrise Garden Fiber
Second Place Inkstick (Cary Haycox) Languished Awe Watercolor
First Place Winki Allen Spring Dance Fiber
First Place Keith Everett Golden Empire Mixed Media
First Place Keith Everett Square Time Watercolor
First Place Tara Martin Fall Harvest Drawing/Pastel/Printmaking
First Place David Barr Inside Out Photography
First Place Linda Baxter Strut Oil
First Place Susan Clark Welcome to my Garden Other
First Place Neil Hatten Gaga's Buick Acrylic
Best of Show Cooper M.  French 7th Street and 29th Avenue Oil

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